Women In Stem: Science Of Cooking Class Draws Record Numbers

"You can tell they’ll all make great wives one day.”

I remember it like it was yesterday: 1990. My friend Gracie tried to walk into the Harvard Science Center for Men, and was immediately shot by security. She died later that year of the flu - turns out the bullet was kinda germy.  

A lot has changed since then. In 1991, The Harvard Science Center for Men was renamed the New Harvard Science Center for Men. Then, The Harvard Science Center for Men, and Others. And in 1992, women were finally allowed inside the lobby. In 1994, the a sophomore girl decided she wanted to concentrate in Biology. She was shot. But in 2017, her daughter became the first female Biology concentrator (she wasn’t really that into science, it was more a whole thing about her mom). Although she failed almost every science class, she did succeed setting a great example for any woman who wants to fail every science class. Today, of course, thousands of women study science at Harvard. You can find these women in SPU27: The Science of Cooking.

“It’s so great that Harvard’s Science department can empower students of all genders to learn about welcoming their husbands home with fresh bread” says Professor Johnson, a longtime advocate of equality in STEM. “But there still are many challenges facing women in these fields, like keeping the kitchen tidy, or finding someone to help them read the recipe.”

Every Thursday, you’ll find hundreds of women flocking to Cabot Library’s kitchen to work on their SPU27 psets. “It’s such a heartwarming sight,” says Chemistry concentrator Frank Fritts. “Last week the assignment was to decorate a pie, and they were all wearing these really cute little aprons. You can tell they’ll all make great wives one day.”

Still, there’s a long way to go before Harvard’s Science courses can be truly accessible to all. When reached for comment on the SPU27 students, University President Larry Bacow said “fuck all those women.” Pushed to clarify, he explained that he would actually “really like to fuck all of those women.”


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