John From Annenberg Forced to Cover Up Pepe Tattoo

By Skim Thick, Dick-Lipped

This fall, John from Annenberg (“John”) was finally asked the question we’d all been curious about: Would you please cover up that gigantic, horrifying tattoo of Pepe The Frog smack dab in the middle of your fucking face? When asked this request by administrators, John responded by sweating profusely and stammering out “M-my Pepe? My Pepe-roni?” “Yes,” administrators replied. According to John, Pepe is misunderstood. “He’s not about hate. He’s also about other things.” This isn’t the first time John from Annenberg has been in hot water with the administration. Years ago he was also suspended for a half-semester, for inventing dogfighting. “The signs were all there,” says HUDS Administrator Smitha Haneef, “the main sign being that giant tattoo on his face.”

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